Closing Bell – ETF Dashboard

And magically the bulls are back!!!  The BREXIT drama has come to a final conclusion. The largest move on my ETF list today was the Brazil Bull ETF.  One of the most unstable countries in the world is top of the list.  So interesting.  The top Bears were focused on the US Treasuries.

Closing Bell - ETF Dashboard

Fear Events – Orlando Shooting

The Orlando shooting adds to a long list of cowardly attacks from both American and non-American assailants.  During the contraction phase of the cycle, humans collectively tend to be more fearful, angry, and pessimistic.  This leads to many destructive outcomes on an individual and group basis.

The chart below illustrates the major “fear events” since the contraction phase of Cycle 3 started in 1999.  It denotes a progression of major events that have caused an increase in fear and anger in the herd.  The Y2K event kicked off this phase in late 1999.

Unfortunately if the Dow-Gold Ratio Cyclicity Theory is correct, the next few years will see much more of these type of events.