Closing Bell – ETF Dashboard

And magically the bulls are back!!!  The BREXIT drama has come to a final conclusion. The largest move on my ETF list today was the Brazil Bull ETF.  One of the most unstable countries in the world is top of the list.  So interesting.  The top Bears were focused on the US Treasuries.

Closing Bell - ETF Dashboard

Launch – Inaugural Post

EinHawk LLC is a business intelligence firm utilizing analytics software technology to identify trends, correlations, anomalies, and cyclic patterns in disparate datasets resulting in advanced knowledge applicable to problem solving and predictive forecasting. Analytics on top of “big data” can discover hidden patterns and relationships.

EinHawk DB™ is a robust, multi-variable database spanning finance, energy, and social science data. Daily, monthly, and annual data are captured over the past 150 years providing the ability to interpret trends, anomalies, and relationships across all time scales. The integration of hundreds of disparate variables provides unique evaluation opportunities with analytics software technology.

Business Problem + Data + Analytics = Solution/Insight/Knowledge/Forecast

Click the link below to read our foundational presentation,

“Cyclicity & The Collective Human Experience – 1900-2016”.

Foundational Presentation